As a blogger, I’m always looking to mix up my work environments with a varying selection of almond milk lattes, crowds and ambiance noise. Fortunately, with thousands of cafes to choose from, working hard (or hardly working) is a cinch in the 514/438.

Though by no means exhaustive (I’m talking to you, Olimpico fanatics), here’s a list of thirteen cafes yours truly is partial to.

Le Cagibi

5490 Boulevard St-Laurent 

One of my favourite cafes in the Mile End, complete with funky decor, mismatched tables and chairs, and rickety ceilings. What’s not to love?

Second Cup (Bernard Avenue Location)

1275 Avenue Bernard 

Oh, don’t get your hipster panties in a bunch. At least they’ve got dairy alternatives, unlike some of the more “exclusive” cafes with shoddy Wifi in the Mile End. Just sayin’!

Les Intraitables

150 Rue Notre-Dame East

This quiet, brand spanking new cafe on Notre-Dame street was a wonderful, welcoming haven for Nathalie Pakbaz of Love, Nathalie and I when we were looking for a spot to work on our respective sites last week. Fresh-pressed juices, upscale Victorian era design and a charming staff add to the quiet charm of this soon-to-be on the radar cafe in the heart of the Old Port.

Cafe Souvenir

1263 Avenue Bernard 

Speedy wifi, Parisian-inspired ambiance and ample seating make this cafe one of my go-to work spots in Outremont.

Lumiere du Mile End

214 Avenue Bernard (West)

If you’re already familiar with my blog, you’re likely fed up of me mentioning Lumiere de Mile End in nearly all my food/restaurant-related posts (unless your its fab owner, Maria Modicamore) – but hey, old habits die hard. In the summer, head to the quiet, inspiring backyard terrace to enjoy an almond latte in one of the most charming work atmospheres in Montreal.

Cafe Santropol

3990 Rue Saint-Urbain

Most Santropol afficionados rave about the coffee or their signature sandwiches – but truth be told, it’s the backyard terrace that really wins my heart.

Venice MTL

440 Rue Saint-François-Xavier

Yes, I’m a sucker for trendy health menus, California-themed anything and the Old Port – so obviously, this resto-cafe was a win for me. That said, the menu is a little overpriced – but if you’re a digipreneurs who’s already hit the big time, then head over to Venice MTL, pricey kombucha be damned.


1205 Avenue Bernard

This lesser known Persian cafe in Outremont has a lovely terrace in the summertime, and an equally cozy interior complete with comfortable seating, speedy Internet access and a friendly staff. Their Persian tea service always comes with a side of delicious cookies, adding to the charm of this quaint neighbourhood cafe.

Le Depanneur Cafe

206 Avenue Bernard (West)

Though it can get a little crowded depending on the time of day, this hipster enclave in the Mile End has a similar look and feel to its local cousin, Cagibi; moldy couches, vintage decor and stale cookies abound. It feels a little like your parents basement (if it hadn’t been upgraded or cleaned since the 80s) – which I kinda love.

EM Cafe

5718 Avenue du Parc

Though I stopped frequenting EM a few years ago due to their lack of ample vegan options (though vegetarian options abound), I used to enjoy working from this cafe back in my non-vegan days – even holding a few business meetings and trainings on their couches in the back. It’s a good, affordable option if you happen to be in the area.

La Croissanterie Figaro

5200 Rue Hutchison

Warning: this popular cafe also doubles as a popular date location, so you may or may not want to head here depending on your likelihood to get distracted by  PDA and/or awkward first date conversations. It’s equally popular among students though, so you’d be in good company (albeit lots of it).

Resonance Cafe

5175 Avenue du Parc

I came across this hidden, basement cafe a few years back when my friend Robyn recommended it for its vegan fare. Since that day, I’ve had many productive work sessions here with side orders of vegan paninis and lattes.

Shaika Cafe

5526 Sherbrooke St. West

This adorable cafe in NDG is my go-to spot when I’m in the area. Affordable eats, the perfect level of coffee shop ambient noise and a cool crowd will keep drawing you back.

Bonus Alternatives

Anticafe Montreal

294 Rue Ste-Catherine West

At only three bucks an hour, two bucks per subsequent hour or nine bucks for the entire day, you can “rent” time at this cafe without having to purchase anything to eat or drink. Comes with free wifi access, complimentary snacks and more.


Various locations

I had my first Breather experience yesterday, and while it ain’t cheap – starting at 18$ bucks an hour – these rental suites around town feature free wifi, are beautifully decorated and can be booked through your smartphone.

What are you favourite Montreal cafes for study or work? Share your faves below!