September 2015

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I’m Steph. Nice to Meet You. I’m Going to Travel the World.

Why? This is the question I receive most often when I tell people I’m about to travel the world.  My answer to this complex question is rather simple. Why. The hell. Not. Think about it. Why not find a way to travel more than two weeks out of a year? Why not try to find to restructure my lifestyle so I can spend more on unforgettable experiences instead of clothes I’ll wear once, overpriced coffee to get me through my day and a flat screen HD TV  to watch travel documentaries of countries I’ll never visit / people doing awesomely funtastic things that…

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Top Ten French-Canadian Expressions I’ll Miss When I Leave Quebec

  Growing up Anglophone in Montreal, I always had slight lingo envy. You see, French Canadians have the finest – if not the most blasphemous – expressions. If you’re heading down to the Belle Province, try out one of my top ten Montreal expressions and cuss like a local. You’ll be swigging Maudite and chanting “et glou” in no time.   “Tabarnak!!” Meaning tabernacle, which is a fixed box on an altar containing the Eucharist in the Christian faith. The French Canadian version of *fvck*; i.e., “Y fait chaud en tabarnak” (It’s fvcking hot outside).   “Calisse” Meaning fvck or fvcker. Can be employed…

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How To Glam It Up In Montreal On A Not-So-Glam Budget

  The ladies of Sex and the City have been convincing women around the world that the ultimate girls’ nights are to be had in New York City. Sure, it’s tough to beat Manhattan – but why spend all your monies in the Big Apple when you can glam it up in the city of The Big Orange for less?   From bachelorette parties to girls nights, birthday parties to post-exam benders, Montreal is the ultimate Canadian destination for parties (sorry Vancity and The 6. Y’all know it’s true).   As a veteran of the nightlife scene here in Montreal (not…

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The 17 Spots for Every Kind of Night Out in Montreal

  Whether you’re a hipster, bro, barfly or otherwise, Montreal has clubs, bars and hotspots for every whimsy. The eclectic and quirky urban tapestry that makes Montreal second only to New York City for the best nightlife in North America has been by stomping ground for more than a few years, so take it from a local, seasoned party girl and take your pick of my current favourite go-to’s for a night out on the town. Best Bar for Bachelorette/Bachelor Parties Rouge 7 Rue Prince Arthur O, Montréal, QC H2X 1S4 Rouge has been a Montreal mainstay for raunchy nights out…

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How I Can Afford to Travel…And How You Can, Too!

  One of the most frequent reactions I get when I tell people that I’m about to travel the world is:   “I would love to do that too…but I can’t afford it”.   Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret. By the standards of the first world society I currently live in– I am pretty much broke. Yes, I have property – but a condominium with a mortgage, taxes and condo fees contributes towards a debt that far outweighs my liquid assets. That said, I ain’t never let a lack of dead prime ministers get in my…

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The Top Excuses That Prevent You From Travelling

One of the best things about my decision to travel the world has been the number of people that have approached me to tell me they want to do the same thing. Unfortunately, it’s usually followed by a bunch of typical first world excuses, including: I don’t have the money. I can’t afford it. It’s too expensive. Lack of funds is the predominant excuse people use to quash their travel dreams (or any dream, for that matter). Well to this I say – no more, my friends. Below, you will find some solutions to all the nagging financial hindrances that…

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