A few months ago, a boy I was chatting with suggested we should go axe throwing together sometime.

Well, that date never happened – but lucky for me, my #squad was totally game (thanks for the idea and the memories, SB!).

So off I went with Rocco and Ouliana to Rage Montreal, a new axe-throwing facility founded by axe-throwing champ Alexander Reverse (who also happens to be the CEO of A/Maze Escape Game Room, another activity you should do with your crew).


Upon arrival, we were greeted by a stellar instructor named Thomas.  He popped on some Beyonce for us (slay), and after a few silly photos we were ready to go.

Thomas introduced us to an awesome instructor named Liam, who explained some basic rules:

1 – What goes up, must come down. Avoid throwing axes towards the ceiling…as they will inevitably plummet towards the ground.

2 – Don’t step on the axes.

3 – Don’t hack your hand with an axe.

4 – Don’t throw axes while someone is standing in front of you.

5 – If someone is removing their axe from a target in front of you, don’t throw your axe.

6 – If two people are throwing axes side by side, they must be thrown at the same time, and collected at the same time.

In other words – don’t be a dumbass.

Gone are the days of pencils and scoresheets; an electronic tablet allowed us to record our scores easily for casual and competitive throw-offs.

Liam and Thomas started us off with hatchets, but we were eventually given access to mid-sized axes, including a double-edged ax – and even a makeshift axe built by the staff.

Now with a name like “Rage”, I figured axe throwing was the kind of activity meant to channel your frustration towards the folks who’ve wronged you – but there was nothing angry about my experience at all. In fact,  I was on such an endorphin rush every time I so much as held an axe that I might have forgiven all my ex-boyfriends then and there. I felt more like a warrior princess – and warrior princesses are too cool to give damn about their exes, anyway.

After an hour and a half of slamming axes against the wall and more than enough material for my Insta story, my shoulders were starting to feel like I had held plank pose in yoga for too long. It wasn’t just a fun time – it was a hell of a workout, too.

“This axe-perience will have you feeling sharp by the time you’re done. It was beyond my axe-pectations” – Rocco Farella

As I waved goodbye to the friendly Rage staff and headed over to my car, I felt as though the stress of the day had been lifted away. Amid running around, assignments, phone calls, traffic and cancelled dates – it’s nice to know an inner warrior lives within you. Sometimes you just need a little Rage to let her out.


Please note that while we were fortunate enough to enjoy our experience as guests of Rage: Axe Throwing Montreal, the above opinion is entirely my own. 

Have you ever tried axe throwing? Share your thoughts below!