After a period of total slacktivity in December and January, my friend Julie and I had had enough. February would be the month to bounce back from our fitness dry spell. 

We knew we needed something fun, motivating and somewhat outlandish to get out of our February Funk.

The solution: Kangoo Jumps

I mean – rebounding on bouncy boots? Sign us up!

So Julie and I and headed over to Studio Bizz d’Iberville, where certified Kangoo Jumps Instructor Gaël Stucchi welcomed us into her high energy classroom and handed us our boots.

Weighing a little over three pounds each, the boots – called Jumps –  seemed a little intimidating at first, but are designed to relieve pressure on your joints, making bouncing a lot easier than it looks.

We strapped on our Jumps and hobbled over to join the class. Warm up movements consisted of side stepping and small kicks – kinda like Zumba lite with space boots.

After the first warm up routine, Julie and I seem to be getting the hang of it, popping kicks and bouncing around alongside our more seasoned classmates. I’m starting to think I might be in better shape than I originally thought.

But after 15 minutes, Gaël decides to up the challenge by throwing us some skipping ropes. So off we go, skipping in our clunky boots. By this point, I’m slightly shocked I haven’t fallen flat on my bum and/or face yet. Two little girls watch us through the window, and I keep messing up with the skipping rope. I bet they can do this much better than I can.

Soon, it’s time to get on all fours and do some hardcore calisthenics. Ugh. Julie and I are starting to suffer. I realise I should have inquired whether or not Kangoo Jumps class required a yoga mat (IT DOES!).

Planks. Push ups. Leg raises. Ouch.

Finally, the class starts to wind down, and the cool down begins. As we wrap up the class, Julie and I turn to each other, slightly worse for wear but energised nonetheless.

We thank Gaël, peel off our heavy footwear and bound down the stairs of Studio Bizz with a new bounce in our step. Bouncing back from a fitness dry spell can be tough –  but it’s a lot more fun with a pair of Kangoo Jumps on.


At the time of writing, Montreal’s Studio Bizz offered free trial Kangoo Jump classes. Contact them directly to find out about current promotions.