One of the best things about being in a relationship is the limitless amount of places you can hit up on date night. However, if you’re an outside the box kinda girl like me (with ridiculous date standards as a result of overexposure to rom com and chick flicks), the usual dinner and drinks fare can get a little tired. Here are a few creative date ideas (tested and approved by yours truly!) to live out your own rom com in the most romantic city in North America.

Drink illicitly by a park fountain 


Square Saint Louis, La Joute, and Lafontaine Park all have some great fountains to canoodle at with your boo(ze)- just don’t get arrested or fined while doing so (or do, as it might be the perfect anecdotal way to end your rom com date night).

Order food you’ve never tried before at a random, hole-in-the-wall ethnic restaurant

Trade the standard Western dishes over at Boston Pizza and Jack Astor’s in favour of smaller Senegalese, Ethiopian or Indian joints.

Watch a double feature at the drive-in 

Cine-parc Saint Eustache screens French language films every day of the week and English language screenings on Thursday nights.

Try a unique activity, game or sport

Tired of skating at the Atrium and Bixi’ing in the Plateau? Here are some other fun activities to check out around town:

Check out a midnight screening of The Room

Flying plastic cutlery, loud cursing from a drunken audience and mini football sessions abound at midnight screenings of this cult classic. 

Test your wits at trivia night

Randolph’s, Ye Olde Orchard Pub and Foonzo all offer stellar weekly trivia night sessions you can enjoy with your bae.

Share a romantic picnic in Little Italy, courtesy of Dinette Triple Crown


In the warmer months, this tiny enclave on Clark Street packs your order of Southern comfort food in a wicker picnic basket, complete with mason jars, cutlery and a charming red-checkered tablecloth. Carry your order to nearby Martel Park, a quaint park with benches, towering trees and an adorable gazebo for a Snapchat- worthy lunch date.

Catch a different kind of movie at Cinema l’Amour


Adult films for adult relationships.

Serenade your loved one with a self-serve piano

Else’s, Depanneur Cafe and No Name Bar all have keyboards/ pianos you can use to impress your date. Or, check out Montreal’s free public pianos to enjoy some music in the moonlight.

Drink ouzo shots and dance to Greek music at Kalavrita

A septuagenarian DJ, cigarette butts in Coke cans and a transvestite bar owner who waxes philosophical make for an unforgettable date night out in Montreal.

What are some of your fave hidden spots and date night ideas around town?

Share your ideas below <3