1. Go bowling and/or engage in another ironic activity in North Korea
  2. Study Kung Fu at a Shaolin monastery in China
  3. Bungee jump off the Macau Tower
  4. Sing karaoke from a party bathtub in the Aqua Suite at Lovenet, Tokyo, Japan
  5. Wear a Lara Croft-inspired outfit in Angkor Wat, Cambodia
  6. Play on a beach swingset in Bali
  7. Get a henna tattoo in India
  8. Learn conversational Korean
  9. Practice yoga on the beach in Goa, India
  10. Participate in a morning Tai Chi session on a junk boat in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
  11. Pull an all nighter to watch the sunrise on Koh Phangan after a full moon party, Thailand
  12. Walk along the Ghats of Varanasi, India
  13. Visit the Taj Mahal, Agra, India
  14. Ride the train from Kandi to Ella, Sri Lanka
  15. Get PADI certified
  16. Take a hot air ballon ride over Myanmar
  17. Live with a hill tribe family in northern Thailand
  18. Have a muy thai fight in Thailand
  19. Walk down a stepwell in India
  20. Take a cooking class in Chiang Mai
  21. Volunteer at an elephant sanctuary and hang out with mahouts in Thailand
  22. Visit the bridge on the River Kwai, Thailand
  23. Attend the Yi Peng Lantern Festival,  Thailand
  24. Drench random passersby with a supersoaker at the Songkran Festival, Bangkok, Thailand
  25. Cuddle with a cutie in a hammock on the beach (let’s not forget the little things in life 😉)

What’s on your Asian bucket list? Have you tried anything on this list?

Share your love or haterade below!