As a traveller, I’ve met folks from different countries I don’t know a whole lot about – and folks who didn’t know a whole lot about Canada in return. Here are some funny, interesting, and some straight up dumb things people have said to me on the road.


“You’re Canadian – you don’t need a visa to work in America.”

A charming American believed that Canadians and Americans have some bilateral agreement, where we can essentially search for employment in either country without a work visa. If that were the case, I would have moved to California, New York, Hawaii – or better yet, Guam  – years ago.

“Can you use American currency in Canada?”


Canada is a separate country. We are not Americans, and therefore we do not use the American dollar.

“Is Montreal near Vancouver?”

Turns out Vancouver wins the award for most popular Canadian city (among Asians, anyway).

We all say “eh” and pronounce the word about as “aboot”.


Now, in defense of the few folks who threw this comment my way – I do punctuate my sentences with “eh” extremely often. That said, not all of us have a maritime accent and/or sound like we’re the McKenzie bros from Strange Brew.

“I could never live in Canada because everyone says the ice cream isn’t as delicious as the ice cream in Korea.”


This random/ hilarious comment was made by my adorable Korean student Henry one day. Not sure who started this rumour, but we’ve got a ton of delicious varieties of ice cream in Canada. Korea deffo does not have exclusivity on that.

“You guys have a really amazing hot President.”


Several people out there still believe that we have a President like our American neighbours to the South, when in fact we have a Prime Minister. And it seems that everyone pretty much agrees that Justin Trudeau is stupid hot (I tend to think he’s sorta just ok, for the record).

“Oh, you’re from that country that wishes they could be an American state.”


While 99% of Americans I’ve met are awesome, loveable folks that I found lots in common with, there are still a few stereotypical, fratboy, douchebaggy American rednecks that somehow find themselves abroad, harbouring arrogance towards everyone including their friendly neighbours to the North. I met one such charmer on a recent trip. Needless to say, I took his idiotic comment as my cue to remind him that he was from a country who has made Donald Trump the presumptive Republican candidate for U.S. presidency. Low blow for a low blow.

“Does it snow like all year round?”

Yes, most regions of Canada can get pretty damn cold, but the most populous areas do experience more than one season.

“Are there lots of moose everywhere?”


Never seen a moose in my life. Except on a quarter.


What are some crazy things people have told you about your country? Share your stories below!