Last month, I held a massive snake (what is it anyway? a python?) around my neck for at least a solid five minutes on a dare from a friend. Not only was I convinced the snake was going to choke me to death as it slithered around my neck, I was also fairly certain that it would bite my face off ( it kept going in for “kisses”).  Naturally, neither of these things happened, and I emerged a little braver and more badass that day. As such, I’ve decided to pray my parents don’t read this and invite dares from my readers to add some spice and fearlessness to my journey. To make sure I don’t wimp out, I’ll be choosing TWENTY dares (a whole lot of dares), which I will complete and write about. You’ll get full credit for your idea if your dare is chosen, and full permission to harass me until I complete it.

So whaddaya waiting for? Send me your freaky, crazy travel dare ideas today!

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” – Mary Schmich